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Proactive IT Services is a growing Brisbane Managed IT Services company delivering fast-response, maximum uptime services to established companies.

Established by MD Brett Lemon in May 2007, the business and its clientele have grown steadily over the past five years.

Proactive IT Services is part of a successful Australian family-owned and run group of companies specialising in high demand industries.

The team, which is rostered around the clock, comprises up to ten technicians with plans for more experienced staff on the way to meet growing demand.

Collectively, Proactive IT Services’ ‘brains trust’ has significant experience in programming, systems administration, high level web application programming, VoIP, work with Linux, Windows, MS Exchange, SQL, security and Pentesting and all aspects of IT in companies with networks from 2 machines upto several thousand machines.

Some of the key personal are:

Nicholas Laingam

Nick started with us early this year and already has made an impression with our clients as a down to earth, practical and tenacious technician. He completed a degree at TAFE in IT, but it was more to formalise his knowledge.

Nick is fast becoming our Onsite guru, he emjoys dealing with clients, and like all of us try's his best to get systems functioning as quick as possible, with the focus of having to resolve the issue after the work day is done. His key areas of skill are:

  • Desktop maintenance and solutions
  • Server continuity
  • MS Exchange email solutions and archiving / antispam
  • Consultancy for the best solution for the client
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