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Expansion Planning Consultancy

One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to business expansion planning is IT.

Businesses typically engage experts to help them manage the change and risks in relation to financial preparedness, human resources, marketing and strategic planning. Often they forget to consider the vital IT infrastructure upon which their business relies.

How do you know for example, that your current infrastructure will cope with projected increase in demand?

At what point does your current system cease to cope effectively with continually adding more users, applications, software and more network traffic?

What effect, if any, will your expansion plans have upon the efficiency of your existing infrastructure?

Proactive IT Services consultants can assist you with strategically planning any IT infrastructure changes or investment that may be required to support planned business change and/or expansion. We’ll ensure you have the right capacity for each stage of growth, equipment, speed and reliability to support your business in reaching your desired business goals.

Independent IT Consultancy

The problem with IT is that it’s a bit like law and accountancy in some ways. They’re all critical to business and you have to trust that the consultant is not only technically competent but also has your business’ best interests at heart.

The problem is that it can be difficult for the average business owner to know with certainty whether the proposal you have represents the best solution to a problem and also reflects fair value for money.

Often when we’re working with new clients, we discover that their previous provider was guilty of ‘over servicing’ them, just to create more business revenue for themselves and the poor client was none the wiser.

It’s certainly not the way we operate as we believe that the more efficient we can make our clients IT run, the better value we provide because we believe in setting it up correctly from the outset.

If you’re unsure you’re getting the best deal or that what’s proposed will be fit for purpose, why not engage us to provide expert unbiased appraisal of an IT proposal or engagement contract?

If it’s a good deal and your proposed new provider is going to do the right thing by you, for the size of your business and what it needs, we’ll tell you in our report. If not, you’ll know what needs to be addressed and an understanding of why it’s important to your business’ smooth functioning.

One thing you can count on is that we’ll be Proactive and unbiased in assessing the suitability of a proposal for your needs. Just call us.

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