Managed IT Services

For one low monthly fixed fee our Managed IT Services delivers to clients reliable, enterprise-quality:

  • Data backup
  • IT security
  • Virus protection
  • Help desk services across your network and locations
  • Systems administration
  • Hardware, network and server maintenance
  • All IT repairs and maintenance
  • 24/7 remote systems monitoring
  • Fast response to all calls and speedy resolution
  • Patch management

Our comprehensive offering covers all maintenance, monitoring and repairs to a client’s network, including all remote and on site work. The only additional cost to clients is for replacement of hardware or other infrastructure upgrades.

Every client receives a completely customised service to meet the unique needs of their business operations.

While there are many business benefits well-run managed IT services typically deliver to businesses, here are some other features that distinguish Proactive IT Services’ offering:


If we need to repair a computer in your network, we replace it temporarily with one of our own that’s properly configured and fit for purpose, so your staff can keep working.

Unprecedented levels of uptime

Once your network and systems are optimally configured for remote monitoring and servicing, they should run reliably, be fit for purpose and virtually trouble-free. Our business is completely geared to keeping you working and maximising uptime.

Detection and resolution of issues, often before they become problems

Through our state of the art support systems, we’re watching your systems 24/7, detecting and mitigating issues before they become a problem for you – all behind the scenes – and often, without you knowing.

Constant monitoring of your network’s security

Rather than disrupt your business, we tend to implement a very temporary fix to overcome a problem during business hours and then we’ll fix it properly after hours, maximising uptime and minimising inconvenience to your business.

Preventative maintenance, not crisis management

Through our thorough and programmed approach to maintenance, we prevent IT problems occurring so our clients tend to be more fully engaged working on their business than those who lurch from one system crash and crisis to the next.

If you’ve any doubt about whether Proactive IT Services is perfect for your business, consider what our clients have to say. Otherwise, call us on 1800 968 774.

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