Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still service us if your Internet service crashes or the power fails?

Yes, absolutely. We run dual connectivity with reliable enterprise-grade Internet Service Providers. That means we run more than one internet service provider at all times to support our business so clients can always reach us 24/7 and vice versa, in the event of a scheduled or unscheduled outage from any one provider. We also have several uninterruptable power supplies and we can always connect to you from fully air conditioned offices, for the good of the equipment that supports our business.

How do we know you won’t keep us waiting while you’re attending to another client?

We’re constantly increasing our resources and the number of technicians as we grow. And to ensure dependable levels of service and consistent quality to all our existing clients we only take on just four new clients a month. We won’t compromise a current client for prospective business.

How do I know I’ve got reliable backups for my business?

The length of time you can keep operating after your server crashes is a measure of your backup system’s reliability. We recommend two levels of backups for all businesses. One should be a reliable storage device of enterprise grade, which, depending on the volume of data to run your business, could cost between $1000 and $3500 and should be capable of handling up to 8 terabytes of data plus it should be expandable. The other is ??? The reason for this dual approach is we’ve found that many clients have the need to review information from say 60 to 90 days ago. We find this gives clients increased functionality and saves valuable time.

What are significant network issues?

There are many indicators of sick networks and systems, especially ones putting your business at serious risk. If you see or regularly experience any of the following, Call Us immediately.

  • Weekly or daily network/system crashes and downtime
  • Losing connections to your server, Internet, software etc or frequent ‘time outs’
  • Emails ‘bouncing’ and not being delivered to your intended recipient/s
  • Backups saved to USB drives
  • ‘Messy’ or very cluttered cabling in the server room or around workstations
  • Slow network or computer speeds, including when you’re running technical software that’s critical to your operations
  • ‘System error’ messages
  • No documented office policies on IT/ computer use or how to handle server administration
  • Domestic quality equipment being used for commercial or professional business applications/support
  • Colleagues taking shortcuts/trying to get around the system because it’s too slow
  • Computers not working when you arrive for work on Mondays

With our comprehensive Managed IT Services, we monitor your network around the clock for potential problems, detecting and eliminating them, before you may be affected by them.

What’s patch management?

Software and operating system upgrades are among the biggest risks to business productivity and the security of your data and network. Often software or version upgrades are released that are full of ’bugs’, effectively causing compatibility problems and if critical, can shut down networks.

Our patch management system is designed to scan and detect missing security patches (vulnerabilities in clients’ systems), assess the severity of issues that a patch is supposed to address, acquire the relevant patch and test it, and then, if safe, deploy the patch to production computers, again making sure applications are not affected and if required a backup or restore plan is rolled out, if necessary.

Proactive IT Services has a stringent patch management program in place for all clients that effectively enables us to vigilantly protect and secure your business against known vulnerabilities.

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