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All managed IT services are not the same. Proactive IT Services always puts you and your business first.

We take a holistic and thorough approach to managed IT services, preferring to identify and fix the root cause of problems, rather than just treat the symptoms.

For example, we’ll patch a problem during peak operating hours so there’s no loss of productivity and then we’ll work on site or behind the scenes after hours to fix it properly.

Proactive IT Services clients also don’t have to deal with systems or desktops not working first thing Monday mornings, because we’ve usually detected any problems remotely over the weekend and fixed them without them knowing.

Our goal is to keep your people and your operations running smoothly with maximum uptime and little or no inconvenience during peak operating periods.

We offer comprehensive managed IT services for an affordable monthly fixed fee with no lock in contract.

Clients call on us for:

When they need an unbiased, honest expert appraisal or opinion and for strategic advice to expand their business’ IT in line with projected business growth.

When you contact us for the first time:

You’ll hear from us in 30 minutes or less.

We’ll organise an on site appointment with you to:

  • Review and talk about your current IT situation and set up, and understand how it’s supposed to support your business operations, sites and current growth plans and ideally, how you’d like it to perform.

    (Most importantly we’ll invest the time to develop a clear understanding of how your business works so that we can ensure all the elements of your system integrate perfectly to accomplish that efficiently.)
  • We’ll conduct a thorough remote audit of your network which helps us to identify existing problems including speed of conversion, how well machines are connected to the network, systems, backup quality and frequency, and we’ll review error logs.
  • Finally, we’ll reveal the results of our investigations in Plain English giving you the facts and any options, so you know how to move forward, should changes/improvements be necessary.

If you believe you deserve better than the service your current IT consultants are delivering to you, why not try us!

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