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A combination of all the below video

A combination of the below videos, …


Sally Douglas
ACQ Air Conditioning

Prior to getting Brett on-board we found that we were having constant issues and were always getting someone different to look at them with noone who really knew the business…


John Adams
BDS Inspections

We engaged the services of Proactive IT Services (formerly Managed IT Services) on the 18th of January 2010 as we had serious computer problems, even though we had expert advice and hands-on assistance from the previous firm that we had used for 4 years.

“Within Days, Our Life Was Totally Different With Little or No Problems With Our Computers”


Max Moran
Beyond Completion

In 6 years that I've been operating with Proactive IT, not once did we have a lapse of that standard…


Kate Gott

We always run on very tight turn around times because of our clients needs and because of the size of our clients. We often have to jump pretty quickly and we also need that in turn from our suppliers.

We always get that with Brett and the Proactive team…


Karl Heyman
Family Parks

As soon as we knew that we were moving, all Brett needed to know is a date and he said "Whatever happens you will be live, up and running." and that's what happened…


Terry Prowd
Cottrell Cameron & Steen Surveys

The name that Brett has chosen for his company, Proactive IT, is very good because that's what we've found.

He is very much proactive as opposed to reactive and from our point of view that pro-activity has ensured that those problems don't occur.


Brook Monahan
Mosaic Property Group

Brett's worked really closely with us to understand the changing needs of our business and our IT requirements overtime.

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