VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols or Internet Telephones)

Most businesses today have heard of or tried VoIP and have walked away from it because the quality was just not there; No-one wants to be talking to clients with the phone crackling, dropping sound or sounding muffled. Technology evolves daily, and I would be hard pressed to find people today who have not heard of things like Skype, and find that most people use it to talk to friends and family across the world. This is a VoIP type communication.

A business demands something even better for their day to day communications with clients. Setting up a VoIP system is something that we leave to the specialists Proactive VoIP Services, a sister company of Proactive IT Services. David and his team have literally written the book on VoIP security, and today is the leading "Fix-it" VoIP consultants, called upon by VoIP service providers when their clients are having performance and security issues. From our perspective, we cannot recommend David and his team high enough.

A VoIP system is the most flexible phone system available, and they are significantly cheaper than traditional PBX systems to purchaseinstall, and cheaper to maintain, and cheaper to make calls on. To give you an example a 10 phone system installed, with phones, and ready to make calls on will cost less than $4,000 (there are instances where it can go above this depending upon the "add-ons" that customer requests), and calls to any landline in Australia will only cost 10 cents, or 19 cents per minute to a mobile. If you are calling overseas, like I do regularly, an hour long call will cost less than $1.

We only recommend products and setups that we use for our business, and can promise you that the solution we provide for you will, like all our systems will provide you with exceptional service.

Below are some of the options that we have found our clients consistently ask for:

  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Mobile phone ramp (Cuts mobile phone call costs down)
  • Multi-in dial numbers for tracking marketing

We use and highly recommend World Dial Point, a local Australian company, as a VoIP provider. We have tried several over the years, and can say that for the last 6 years we have been using Frank and his team at World Dial Point for exceptional service and quality.. Thank You Frank..

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