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Ironically, businesses still tolerate arrogant, unfriendly and uncaring IT consultants and managed IT services providers who’ve held their businesses to ransom - financially, with unbelievable periods of downtime, with compromised productivity - and by not providing skilled, efficient technicians to troubleshoot quickly after a problem’s reported.

Our clients say that Proactive IT Services is a change for the better.

Here’s why:

  • No lock in contracts.
  • Better value for money. Through our low monthly fixed fee, one client saved up to 75% on his previous Managed IT Services company and now also has a far more reliable solution.
  • Performance and reliability. Our clients say they experience outstanding uptime because we invest the time to ensure their system is configured correctly and working optimally from the outset. Plus, we’re constantly monitoring their network and desktops to identify potential problems and avert disasters.
  • We know our stuff. We have the right mix of experienced, technically brilliant, dedicated staff providing proactive network monitoring and on site service around the clock.
  • We speak your language, not ‘technobabble’.
  • Increased productivity and fewer IT emergencies/crises.
  • We stay in touch, even when you don’t have an IT issue.
  • We’re responsive. We respond in 30 minutes or less to your call or email and in most cases, resolve issues for clients within minutes.
  • We help you grow. Our consultants can provide strategic advice on the IT necessary to support sustainable growth in your organisation.

Basically, we fit in with the way you want and need to do business.

Investing in our managed IT services solution has also helped our clients:

  • Save money and manage cashflow better through planned IT upgrades and one low predictable monthly fixed fee for comprehensive service.
  • Improve bottom line and focus more on their core business and strategic planning.
  • Retain key talent and enable them to perform at their best, including supporting innovation to maintain competitive advantage.

If you can’t rely on your IT managed service consultants or know you deserve better, get Proactive!

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